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The services offered have been divided into various phases, each of which presents its critical issues.



In an increasingly complex, dynamic, fast, market, the small and medium companies cannot be unaware that, if want grow, it is necessary internationalize them: this is a process that concern importation or exportation or both aspects of company’s activity. The skills required to manage this complexity of relations, organizational ships and operational problems don’t always exist within the company. In this context fits our mission: Import Export Italy, deals with to coordinate and support companies’ import export processes, providing customers knowledges, competences and management support.

We are definited by the great empathy with corporate figure and/or company management, because our core business is the rule of management consultants in import and export, since many years. Such Empathy is also the consequence of 20 years of experience in import activities from Asian countries: an enthusiastic, inexhaustible schedule of commercial transactions and extensive experiences of export, especially with China.
Another our important characteristic is the business economy background, that we wanted maintain stubbornly uptaded and oriented to competitiveness needs of pmi.
Really understand the requirements of company meens grow it, to found new opportunities on national and international markets, to cut the costs and times, to compete with competitions and maybe, anticipate it, ispire by more aggressive strategy.

Chinese platforms of supplies’ research, indeed, offers enormous amount of informations and contacts: but simple acces to data, doesn’t resolve many problems of import’s process.
Reality is often different, very difficoult to manage; it is not enought to know a foreign language to work cross-border, but there is need to know all phases of transaction process, in an international market.
These considerations are applicable both on companies that are partecipating for the first time in foreign market, as for those that have already import, but their need is to make more performanting management processes of purchase. Very often, an efficient and quick purchasing sistem, it’s the foundation of right conduction and this also intervenes in various company’s functions, as production or management stock and, ultimately, of the entire company.

We offer following services:

Custom consultancy, shipments and logistical support

Some products are subject to specific regulations, various certifications, we can support you and we can give you a precise idea of ​​the costs related to shipping, logistics and customs.

Quality control of production

Importing is a very vast field, quality checks can be of different types, we will find the best solution together with you using specialized companies.

Trading service

If necessary, one of our companies can buy on your behalf for the Chinese and Indian markets.

Management documentation and contract

The contractor is fundamental for establishing the obligations of each party and modulating the whole according to the objectives to be achieved.

Factory Visit and analysis of certification to value

Doing an analysis of authorizations, licenses, certifications and even a factory visit certainly allows us greater control over all operations.

Native speakers on the territory

The presence of a team of people on the spot in the major markets of the world allows us to have a more friendly approach, but also more focused for achieving results.

Support to negotiations

It is troubleshooting regards singole operation of import and coordination stakeholder…

Supplier selection service

Suppliers’ selection by marketing survey aim for a goal ( prices and quality comparison…).


Looking for the suppliers in a target markets.

These services, for convenience, are definited and classified individually, but they are always interconnected. A professional consulting to supporting import process cannot prescind from prearranged verification of operating feasibility. If you are on this page, if you are a businessman or you want to be one, you’ll probabily need to make effective your import and to optimize your company strategy. We guarantee 360 degree support with benefits in terms of costs, times, critical issues of export, in particular imports from China.
Our work is inspired by win win vision: we like win with our clients and our foreign partner.

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